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Testimonial 75 - Cosmo

I’m so grateful to have found Mary Huntsberry! I had adopted a cat, Cosmo, that started to very regularly chew/eat inappropriate items - first it was strings, then wire cords, then cloth items. The more I removed target items, the more Cosmo seemed to seek out alternatives. Items we’re getting …

Testimonial 74 - Meredith

When I started working with Mary a few months ago, my 9 year old Terrier (Meredith) had completely shut down from anxiety. Following a traumatic health event our dog had become extremely fearful and withdrawn. She hid under our bed for 12 + hours during the day and wouldn’t come …

Testimonial 73 - King

We first met Mary in January 2020 after months of frustration with our 1.5 year old English Cream Retriever. We had worked with a couple highly recommended trainers along with our Veterinarian for over a year to overcome King’s guarding behaviors and monthly outbursts resulted in him lunging at me …

Testimonial 72 - Stanley

We brought our dog Stanley to Mary on the referral of our vet. The situation was serious, with daily confrontations common and four bites to date. Mary asked us to complete a survey of our history with Stanley. We also took videos for her to review. She understood everything before …

Testimonial 71 - Henry

When we adopted Henry from the kill shelter, we had no idea he would come with the issues he did. I immediately researched a specialist for dogs with behavior problems, and with incredible luck found Mary. It was a great match right from the beginning. Her honestly was refreshing even …

Testimonial 70 - Leo

I'm still grateful every day for Mary's help. When I started having problems with my rescue pup I first reached out to a behaviorist who was recommended to me by the adoption organization. When I told her about the challenges I was having with Leo, she seemed convinced that Leo …

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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