Testimonial 73 - King

We first met Mary in January 2020 after months of frustration with our 1.5 year old English Cream Retriever. We had worked with a couple highly recommended trainers along with our Veterinarian for over a year to overcome King’s guarding behaviors and monthly outbursts resulted in him lunging at me and biting on a few occasions.

Because of the danger he posed, we were at the point where we were actively looking to find a new home for him despite the thought of separating him from our family was devastating.

Every evening we looked online for help with our situation whether that was organizations who might help re-home him or professionals that might be able to help us change his behavior. I happened to find Mary’s website from a web-search and read a review from someone who described having a very similar situation that she had been able to resolve. Our family agreed that we’d schedule a virtual session with Mary as a last ditch effort to save King.

Mary was amazing during our session. She asked thorough questions, listened without judging us and made recommendations without making us feel like we had to do anything. She helped us understand how some of the training techniques we had been taught to use with him from our professional trainer were actually causing King to mistrust us as much as we couldn’t trust him. She helped us build a plan to undue 99% of what our professional trainer had taught us to do (new walking technique, different feeding routines and different toys). Neither my wife or I had confidence this different approach would save him, but shockingly we starting to see King’s behavior change within days.

Seven months later, King is a huge part of our family and hasn’t had any guarding, aggressive behavior or biting since our session with Mary. She checks in with us through email every few months and has made herself available anytime we’ve had a question or needed advice on things like vacations, vet visits and extended car rides. I’d highly recommend Mary based on our experience and encourage you to give her a chance to help if you find yourself in a similar situation to where we were with King. Thank you Mary!

Tom C. from North Huntingdon, PA

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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