• Barks, Yelps, Whines, and More

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    Does your dog give you a heart attack as he takes off barking every time he hears a dog on TV or in the neighborhood? Cricket USED to. I lived with this problem for 8 years! After a couple of weeks of playing these MP3s, I no longer have a problem.

    These sounds have also helped Scarlett with her fear of dogs. The ability to behave normally around the sound of dogs barking at you all day makes a few random barks on walks less fear eliciting.

  • Cars, Trucks, Trains, Planes and Helicopters

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    The MP3 also contains sounds of buses, a tractor trailer, and car doors slamming, but the title was already a bit lengthy to includes these. I live in a suburb of DC, down the street from a very busy road and a train station. Needless to say, the aerial and street traffic can get kind of heavy throughout the day. I don’t worry about it affecting my dog because she’s already been trained. These sounds are great for puppies and gradually desensitizing more rural dogs to urban life.

  • Construction Sounds

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    Construction happens! Whether it’s to your home, a neighbor’s, or in the community, it can happen anywhere at any time. Don’t let unpredictable booming and banging frighten your dog, increasing the chances of a negative association being made with who knows what. This MP3 consists of over an hour of heavy machinery digging, jack hammering, and backing up (BEEEEP! BEEEEP!). Hammering, sawing, and other industrial-like noises can be heard throughout. These sounds can also be used as part of a sound desensitization program to treat sound sensitivity if a problem already exists.

  • Doors, Bells, and Knocks

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    Dogs all over the country go berserk when they hear a knock, the doorbell, or a door open and close. Why? Because they predict a visitor at the door! Depending on the history of what happens in this context, this can be an exciting or scary event for a dog. To break the association, teach your dog that more often than not, the bell predicts nothing at all by training with my sound desensitization MP3. Click here for more information on stimulus reactivity.

  • Household Sounds

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    Dogs raised in kennels or outside can have difficult adjusting to household sounds when brought inside. They may startle, hide, freeze, or even threaten the source of the noise. Many of my clients report that their dogs bite the vacuum! Take the time to desensitize your new puppy or shelter dog to these potentially scary sounds before it becomes a problem. Typical sources of fear come from noisy appliances such as the vacuum, hairdryer, dishwasher, and washing machine. Also included is an electric razor, coffee grinder, and the sound of a mower to round out the list. These sounds can also be used as part of a desensitization program for dogs that have already developed a fear response. Consult with your local Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or Veterinary behaviorist for details on how to train your dog using these sounds.

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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