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Testimonial 26 - Topcat and Isabel

Seven years ago my husband and I adopted two wonderful 4 month old kittens. They were beautiful black and white domestic shorthaired brother and sister. They, as kittens, were intertwined together as they slept and we knew that we needed to adopt both of them so as not to split them up. They were a handful but they gave us much joy. We named them Topcat (TC) and Isabel (Izzy).

As time went on, life circumstances started to set in. They both grew to beautiful loving cats. However, I myself, started to develop depression and anxiety as well as other personal problems that had nothing to do with these cats. My husband and I had to deal with the normal pressures of modern life.

While TC grew to a normal 12 pound cat, Izzy started to gain more and more weight. Somehow, over the next several years Izzy grew to a whopping 21 pound cat. She loved her food and I just thought maybe she was “supposed” to be that large. Then she started having problems both urinating and defecating outside her litter box and on all of the carpeting in our house. She obviously had behavioral and physical problems which escalated out of control. We tried everything to make her better but we just could not get a handle on her. We were certain that we could not give her up or have her euthanized.

Then we found Mary Huntsberry of “Helping Pets Behave” on the internet in January of 2015. We were at our wits end and were hoping for some miracle. After spending about 2 hours with Mary in our home things started to turn around rapidly for the better. There were so many things we had been doing wrong but didn’t realize it. We worked with Mary over the next several months and made many changes in our household. Since then Izzy is behaving exactly as she should. We have cleaned up our house and gotten Izzy healthy. Mary literally saved our lives and we are eternally grateful to her! Hence, we received our miracle.

I highly recommend Mary to anyone else who has any similar pet problems. We continue to be in touch with Mary as we all heal together. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mary!!!

- Michele B. from Laurel, MD

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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