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Testimonial 19 - Oliver and Dodger

I called Mary for help with our two cats, Oliver and Dodger. Ever since we had moved to a new house a few years ago, we’d been battling litter box problems. We had them into the vet multiple times to check for any physical issues. I tried moving around their food and litter boxes and just seemed to make things worse. It started out as just a problem with Dodger, but as I made changes to try to help him feel more comfortable, Oliver started also going outside the box. It never seemed consistent, and so was hard for me to make connections and figure out what the real issues were.

Finally I’d had enough and searched Google for pet behaviorists in the area. I’m so glad I found Mary! She came over and scoured the house like a detective. We talked through all the cats’ issues and she made some recommendations for locations of the litter boxes and some different types of litter to try. These simple suggestions made a huge difference. We figured out that each cat had his own litter box preferences. Since making the changes Mary recommended, I feel that I now have a better understanding of why the cats misbehave. I can’t say enough how much Mary helped us. I no longer have to take time each night to search the floor with a black light looking for the day’s litter box infractions.

Teresa T. from Laurel, MD

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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