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Testimonial 22 - Tigger

Shortly after moving to Bethesda in July of 2013, our beloved blind cat Tigger began urinating on the carpet intermittently. This had never been a problem in our old house that had hardwood floors. After months of repeated cleaning with just about every product on the market (thinking the scent of his own, or possibly a previous resident’s animal was causing him to go back to that spot), the problem was still occurring. I was prepared to just accept that I’d have to steam clean the carpet once a week (because giving up Tigger would never happen); but after searching the internet for animal behaviorists near Bethesda, I found Mary’s website.  

I contacted Mary and she promptly responded (even while she was on vacation). I completed the history form and set up an evaluation. When Mary came out, we talked and observed Tigger for about 2 hours. She determined that there were a number of factors contributing to the problem. After following her recommendations, Tigger has had ZERO instances of urinating outside the litter box. We are currently at three problem-free months and counting.

I am thrilled that I found Mary and that she was able to help. I’ve even recommended her to our vet! The service she provides is invaluable and is money well spent. If your cats are having any behavior problems, please give Mary a try.

Tim B. from Bethesda, MD

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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