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Testimonial 38 - Quincy

Our Cockapoo puppy, Quincy, started hiding and behaving aggressively soon after we brought him home. Not knowing how to handle the situation, every family member reacted differently. We called Mary for help when he bit and broke skin for the first time. Her evaluation of Quincy and recommendations were very …

Testimonial 13 - Winnie

Our high-energy bull terrier puppy, Winnie, fractured her tibia when she was four months old, and had to be confined to her crate for most of the day. She was unable to play with other dogs and only went for short walks. We’re happy to report Winnie has since made …

Testimonial 12

As a new puppy owner, I was thrilled to find someone with Mary’s credentials teaching nearby. I wanted to ensure the training I attended was offered by someone with an animal behavior background and Mary has an impressive education and work history. From Day 1, I couldn’t have been more …

Testimonial 7

I can’t thank Mary enough for how she helped our new puppy but most of all for showing me the most effective way to work with him. Before calling Helping Pets Behave, I truly thought I made a mistake in getting a puppy. He was biting, barking, growling and my …

Testimonial 6

Before meeting Mary Huntsberry, I was feeling overwhelmed by all the books that were telling me the best way to raise my puppy. It reminded me of when I was a new mom! Just like then, everything I read was conflicting and totally convinced that it was the only way …

Testimonial 3 - Mumford

My dog, Mumford, and I had the pleasure of taking the Puppies WITHOUT Issues puppy class with Mary last November. I must admit I was hesitant to do this with him as I wasn’t sure how he (or I) would handle it. He is a high-energy terrier mix and, often, …

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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