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Testimonial 31 - TuPaw and Snoop Catt

Testimonial 31

I was desperate when I reached out to Helping Pets Behave. In the 9 years I’ve shared my home with my two cats, TuPaw has destroyed 3 sofas and was increasingly refusing to use the litter box. While I had come to terms that as a cat owner, I was no longer allowed to have nice things, the boyfriend had not taken on that burden. My cat’s troubling behaviors were keeping this cat lady from moving a relationship to the next ‘level’.

I felt terrible for being such a bad Kitty Cat Momma and allowing the problem behaviors to go on for NINE YEARS. When Mary came to my apartment for the consultation, she was working with TuPaw and his brother, Snoop Catt, AND had to console their person. 

Mary’s suggestions led to immediate results. The same day she came for the consultation I was able to implement several of the recommendations. It has been nearly 2 months since her visit and I am thrilled to report there has been no more scratching of my sofa AND no more defecating outside the litter box. In addition, both cats seem more playful with each other and my friends – even children! 

Working with Mary has been worth every penny and I just could not be happier with the outcomes.

Connie J. from Washington, DC

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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