Testimonial 75 - Cosmo

I’m so grateful to have found Mary Huntsberry! I had adopted a cat, Cosmo, that started to very regularly chew/eat inappropriate items - first it was strings, then wire cords, then cloth items. The more I removed target items, the more Cosmo seemed to seek out alternatives. Items we’re getting destroyed and I was concerned that Cosmo would eventually eat something that could cause an obstruction. The generic advice I was getting from my vet for this condition (i.e., pica) just wasn’t helping, and I didn’t know what to do. Behavioral medicine specialists were booked out for months, and the problem was escalating. So I decided to try searching for and contacting a certified animal behaviorist, and that’s how I found Mary. When I first contacted her, she was very willing to try helping me with Cosmo, even though she warned that pica in animals can be a very tricky issue to modify in certain cases. Our remote virtual consultation with Mary felt personalized to our cat Cosmo, with multiple suggestions for products and supplements to try, environmental changes, and a behavior modification plan with demonstrations by Mary on how to implement the suggested measures. She provided a written report of the consultation information afterwards so that we could focus on listening during the session (instead of having to take notes the whole time). Mary’s suggestions in our case helped significantly reduce the pica incidence in the 1-2 months following the consultation, as well as opening up a better dialogue with our vet about methods for reducing and better controlling/curbing the pica tendencies in Cosmo. Mary was very professional with her follow-up as well, checking in on us periodically after our session and offering to schedule another session if we were encountering significant relapses. I highly recommend Mary Huntsberry to any pet owner trying to get a handle on a tough behavioral issue!

Kathryn V. from Lancaster, PA

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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