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Testimonial 65 - Agnes

I would recommend anyone who owns a dog to take the handling class. I have owned a dog my entire life and have worked with dogs as a veterinary technician for more years than I am willing to admit. As a veterinary technician and avid dog lover I have taken a special interest in canine behavior in the last few years. What I have realized in the more I learn in behavior is how much I don’t know. The handling class is such a wonderful class in helping you to communicate with your dog. As humans we communicate verbally and we take for granted that dogs do not, but they still do their best to try to understand even though unknowingly we are constantly sending them mixed signals. This class helps you to communicate in a more clear way for your dog to know that you are there for them. Which is so important to know that someone is there for you in life. As a technician I have always wanted my dogs to be has healthy medically as possible with the best food, all the toys and treats they could want, exercise and medical care. Peace of mind is just as important for a happy healthy dog. I adopted a fearful dog about 2 1/2 years ago and she has come a long way but I knew that I could not get her further without help. I took this class with her and I noticed a difference in the confidence of both of us right away. When you have a fearful dog you start to celebrate very small changes that might not even be noticed by most but are a huge stride in the world of a fearful dog. There are still a lot of things that scare Agnes in this world but the other day she had a fearful event which would normally send her running upstairs hiding in the bedroom for at least thirty minutes. This time she came right to me and recovered within minutes if not less. This class is not just a great class for a dog that might be having a particular issue its a great class for all dogs and their guardians.

Sommer T. from Maryland

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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