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Testimonial 35 - Rosie

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rosie, was 4 years old and very sweet and loving but spoiled when we began lessons with Mary at Helping Pets Behave.  It was frustrating for me because I adored my dog but not always her behavior. The result of my lack of training her led to negative behavior patterns. Some examples: pulling on the leash excessively when going for walks, acting out of control at the vet, pet stores, etc., jumping up on people to say hello, trying to leave the house or car the second the door was opened, etc.  

I’m pleased to say that after several lessons with Mary, Rosie’s behavior is very different and better!  I’m very grateful this change was possible with gentle, positive reinforcement & NEVER jerking the leash or raising my voice. Mary is truly a “dog whisperer”.  

My entire family now has a stronger bond with Rosie who understands the behavior we expect from her because we reward her for it. She’s a “good canine citizen” now, who people marvel at and compliment me for her calm, obedient behavior. We also feel she is safer too because she comes when called and waits until we tell it’s ok to walk out the door.

I highly recommend Mary and I look forward to continuing training classes with her to help Rosie learn advanced skills.

Jackie Gunter from Darnestown, MD

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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