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Testimonial 11 - Elsa

I came to Mary for help with our recently rescued 4 year old GSD, Elsa.  We believe she had come from an abusive environment and had an extreme fear of people. She didn’t want people to come near her, much less try and pet her or give her treats. She never left my side, at home or away from home. She is such a sweet girl, so it was very sad to see such fear in her. We also don’t believe that she had ever been obedience trained, played with, groomed, or even kept inside. 

Even though she needed basic obedience training, our biggest reason for enrolling her in training with Mary was to deal with Elsa’s fear. After several classes with Mary and LOTS of homework - the change in Elsa is amazing! She is still fearful, but not nearly as much as before. She now goes up to strangers on her own and will sometimes even let them pet her. She isn’t afraid to leave my side anymore and will investigate her surroundings like a “normal”, inquisitive dog. We see her personality much more now and were even surprised to see how much energy and pep she has now that she’s not afraid to show it! We still have work to do, but the progress she has made - with Mary’s help - is wonderful!!


Stacy W. & Elsa from Maryland

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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