Testimonial 4 - Sammy and Happy

We started working with Mary to address issues with our two dogs: Sammy, a high-energy 11-month old miniature poodle; and Happy, a recently adopted young adult mini poodle. We were having a number of problems with Sammy including issues with visitors to the house, stealing, and jumping/snapping. However, our number one concern was the relationship between the two dogs. 

Sammy’s over exuberance overwhelmed a much-smaller Happy, resulting in less-than-friendly interactions. Mary gave us an incremental plan of action to build Happy’s confidence and teach Sammy to direct his attention towards us instead of Happy. We are amazed at the progress and are happy to report that we now can have both dogs in the same room (still closely supervised) without problems, which we never could have imagined 2 months ago.

As we let go of the “pack leadership” myth we had bought into as we raised Sammy from a puppy and transitioned to Mary’s positive reinforcement recommendations, we noticed a burden lifted off our shoulders. We started to enjoy Sammy more, and he immediately responded with greater trust and more affection towards us. We have noticed a big change in Sammy’s numerous problematic behaviors as we follow Mary’s recommendations.

Mary’s job is not only to understand pet behavior, but to teach the pet owners. She has a wonderful rapport with her clients, discusses the “why” behind the behaviors and behavior modifications, clearly explains and demonstrates her recommendations, and has a positive, non-judgmental  “let’s move forward” attitude. Although we still have much work to do, we now have confidence that our commitment now, guided by Mary’s expert recommendations, will result in many fulfilling years with our pets. Thanks, Mary!

- Mark & Julie H. from Cooksville, MD

Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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