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Testimonial 52 - Sasha and Jax

Working with Mary Huntsberry was the best decision we could make, for ourselves and for our 2 dogs!! Mary has the expertise (wow on the credentials!), and a wonderful way of relating with you, your pet(s), and understanding your unique situation. The result is that Mary effectively guides you to options and solutions that ease your stress and most importantly keep your animals safe and happier.

Sasha (orange dog), always anxious and easily freaked out, escalated from snapping and snarling to actually fighting with our newer dog Jax. Each fight also intensified with both animals ultimately sustaining bites and resulting in injuries, vet bills, and the very real fear that they would seriously injure each other. We didn’t know what to do and desperately needed help!!! 

We found Mary online and felt so comfortable with our initial phone conversation that we made an appointment and are glad we did. We benefited so much from that 2 hour session!! We walked out with a much deeper knowledge of why the dogs were behaving this way and immediate actions we could take to ensure their safety, our peace of mind, and help them be happier animals. 

Let’s be honest. It is an investment financially and of your time. Mary doesn’t have a magic wand and no one should expect that one session results in an immediate cure. Like anything, you have to do the work. It does take time to progress through all of the steps to get you to the end goal, and we are not there yet, but I am so happy that I understand what is driving my dogs’ behavior and most importantly I know they are now safe and that the end goal of relating with each other normally is a realistic one.

I cannot wait for spring classes with Mary so we can continue to work with the dogs. I’m so grateful to have found Mary who is so good at her work, cares about her clients and is just a really nice person!!  Thank you Mary!!

Elaine C. from Manchester, MD


Mary Huntsberry, MA

Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Montgomery County, MD

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